This policy applies to employees of Big Number Ltd. If you have any questions relating to our privacy policy or
how we use or store employees’ personal data, they should be sent to or
addressed to The Data Protection Officer, Big Number Ltd, Scotsbridge House, Scots Hill, Rickmansworth,
Herts, WD3 3BB.

Personal Details
Big Number Ltd collects personal information or data relating to employees for legitimate business
reasons in order to verify the right to work and provide an accurate payroll service.
Employees will be asked to supply their full name, address, email address, national insurance number
and bank details only for the purpose it was intended to be used for.
Employees’ data will be stored on our secure payroll system. In addition, Big Number offers an
employee portal using secure logins to access employment contracts and historical payslips.
We will only collect the personal data that we need.
Employees can provide personal data over the telephone by registering to use our service, for training
and security purposes all calls are recorded

In order for us to comply with our contractual, statutory and management obligations and
responsibilities, we process personal data from our registrations and employees.
Our contractual responsibilities include those arising from the contract of employment. The data
processed to meet contractual responsibilities includes but is not limited to; data relating to: payroll,
bank account, postal address, sick pay: leave, maternity pay, pension and emergency contacts.
Our statutory responsibilities are those imposed through law on the organisation as an employer.
The data processed to meet statutory responsibilities includes, but is not limited to: tax, national
insurance, statutory sick pay, statutory maternity or paternity pay, family leave, work permits and
equal opportunities monitoring.
Our management responsibilities are those necessary for the compliant functioning of the
organisation. The data processed to meet management responsibilities includes, but is not limited to,
data relating to: recruitment and employment, training and development, absence, disciplinary
matters, email address and phone numbers.

Sensitive Personal DataThe act defines ‘sensitive personal data’ as information about racial or ethnic origin, political opinions,
religious beliefs or other similar beliefs, trade union membership, physical or mental health, sexual
life, criminal allegations, proceeding or convictions.
In certain limited circumstances, we must legally collect and process sensitive personal data without
requiring the explicit consent of an employee.

Our Website
Whilst using our site employees may be asked to provide us with personal identifiable information
e.g. name, email address and place of work. Employees can give provide personal data on our
website by registering to use our secure portal.

Log Data / Cookies / Security
We value our employees’ privacy and security. We have taken into consideration the purpose in
which employees’ data has been collected, primarily for Payroll and we only work with security
conscious companies for our payroll software, cloud-based portal, IT and phone systems.

Third Parties
We would never sell our employees’ personal data to a third party. We would never share
information with any other organisation for marketing, market research or commercial purposes.
Employees’ privacy is important to us, we will always keep any personal details secure. We may use
our employees’ details for contact purposes but only about things that matter, for example changes in
payroll dates, changes in legislation.
Personal data information will be provided to third parties where obligated by law. For instance, in
case of a lawful request from a law enforcement authority e.g. DEA or DWP.
Requesting Access or Removal of Data
Employers are required by law to keep detailed records for given period of time. An employee has
the right to request the removal of non-critical information such as email address and bank details if
you are no longer working with Big Number Ltd.
An employee can request for information to be removed from our Payroll System and/or Employee
Portal. Please email
Employees can choose to have information removed from the portal however once this happens a
worker would not be able to gain instant access to online secure payslips.
Employees can request further information on their rights or to exercise them, by writing to us at The
Data Protection Officer, Big Number Ltd, Scotsbridge House, Scots Hill, Rickmansworth, Herts, WD3
After undergoing the usual security checks workers can request access to personal information by
advising the type of information required and the date range of the required information.